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Introducing Fairantee™:
The Future of Fair Pricing

Revolutionizing Recruiting

Fairantee revolutionizes executive search pricing by using an AI-powered algorithm that considers the true complexity of each individual role. Here's how we are fixing a predatory pricing scheme that favors the firms, not the client.

Step into the future of executive search with FairanteeTM, where every role gets the individual attention it deserves, without a one-size-fits-all price tag.

FAQs about FairanteeTM

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fairantee™


What is Fairantee™?

Fairantee™ is the first-ever executive search pricing tool powered by AI. It provides transparent, data-driven pricing for executive search assignments by guaranteeing competitive rates derived from comprehensive market analysis.


How does Fairantee™ calculate guaranteed prices?

Fairantee™ utilizes real-time market data and proprietary algorithms to calculate a fair, competitive price. This pricing considers factors such as the competitiveness of pay, location desirability, work environment, and other relevant criteria.


Why not use traditional compensation-based fees?

Traditional fee structures, typically a percentage of the candidate’s compensation, incentivize search firms to present higher-paid candidates to increase their earnings. Fairantee™ eliminates this conflict of interest by using data to set a price tailored to your specific search needs. This approach ensures that if a candidate with higher compensation demands is presented, it is solely because they are the right fit for the job—not because it benefits our bottom line. While Fairantee™ might not always offer the lowest price, it always strives to provide a fair price based on real data.


How long is a Fairantee™ quote valid?

Each Fairantee™ quote remains valid for five business days from its issuance. This ensures that you receive the most accurate and current pricing, reflecting the latest market conditions.


What happens if I don’t use my Fairantee™ within the validity period?

If the Fairantee™ is not utilized within the five-day validity period, you must resubmit your role specifications to get an updated quote that reflects the most current market data.


Can Fairantee™ prices be negotiated?

The prices provided by Fairantee™ are fixed to ensure fairness and transparency. This fixed pricing model guarantees that all clients receive the best possible rates without the need for negotiations.


How can I get started with Fairantee™?

To get started, complete the form with your specific role details, and receive your guaranteed quote instantly. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, our customer support team is ready to assist you.