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Nov 21, 2023 Kyle Samuels

Educational Alpha Podcast

I continue to learn from Kyle Samuels (he/him) and now you can too: ‘shorter stints’ matter less, one-job-at-a-time, performative intentions must lead to measurable progress, ‘make new friends’, ‘listen to your client’ (my fave!)…

Creative Talent Endeavors Kyle Samuels (he/him) CAIA Association Bradley Ambani, CPA Ruth Carolan, CAE Standards Board for Alternative Investments (SBAI) Certified Investment Fund Director Programme iCapital Yum! Brands EY FDP Institute Martha Lozano Hannah Bloom

#ROI #ResultsMatter
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Kyle Samuels

Kyle Samuels

Kyle found his passion for improving organizations through talent after early career roles in tech, entertainment, and executive search. After earning his MBA, he joined GE’s legendary rotational HR Leadership Program before moving to Yum! Brands where he held several leadership roles. Kyle has a BA in Political Science from Ohio University and holds an MBA from Purdue University.