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Dec 06, 2023 Kyle Samuels

Advisory Services 2023 In Review

As 2023 draws to a close, there’s a great opportunity to look back at what we’ve accomplished and look forward to our plans for the coming year. But first, let’s set the stage. In addition to the continuous “yes recession, no recession” and “AI may be the death of us all” debates this year, 2023 was eventful for all of us:

  • The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates 4 times, bringing the federal funds rate to a range of 5.25% to 5.50%.
  • Omicron ushered in about 20 new variants of the Covid-19 virus and everyone seemed to be catching it again.
  • Silicon Valley Bank set off a chain reaction of bank-runs, closures, and mergers across regional banks in the United States.
  • Taylor Swift started dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. And both she and Beyonce broke sales records during their concert tours.
  • Seemingly everyone went on strike in 2023, from writers and actors to pilots and baristas.
  • Creative Talent Endeavors launched Fairantee for executive search, a challenge to search firms around the world to increase their pricing transparency.

Advisory Services had its fair share of impressive accomplishments as well:

  • We built an executive coaching business and have already started onboarding coaches and clients.
  • We redesigned and transformed the entire talent acquisition process for one of our clients.
  • We created a business strategy course for another client, geared towards increasing the strategic thinking capabilities of their directors.
  • We revamped the employer brand, value proposition, and website of one of our global clients to attract high-quality candidates and retain their high-performers.
  • We facilitated professional behavioral assessment debriefs for every single one of the candidates we placed through our Executive Search function.
  • We trained the executives, officers, directors, and senior managers of another client in Influential Leadership behaviors and encouraged them to adopt the three commitments of influential, inclusive leaders.
  • We partnered with venture capital firms to provide their portfolio companies with foundational HR and DEI support.
  • We expanded our Advisory Services branding and marketing efforts through a steady stream of thought leadership blogs and LinkedIn posts.

We were proud to add multiple global businesses to our client portfolio, as well as provide value for partners at the early stages of their business journeys. We continued to invest in the caliber of talent on our Advisory Services team, including key skill development that expanded the services we can deliver. In 2024, we will continue to drive tangible and sustainable value for our clients. As we innovate and grow, we’ll have even more exciting and impactful ways to engage with the clients (and future clients) we serve.




Kyle Samuels

Kyle Samuels

Kyle found his passion for improving organizations through talent after early career roles in tech, entertainment, and executive search. After earning his MBA, he joined GE’s legendary rotational HR Leadership Program before moving to Yum! Brands where he held several leadership roles. Kyle has a BA in Political Science from Ohio University and holds an MBA from Purdue University.