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Dec 06, 2023 Kyle Samuels

Executive Search 2023 In Review

We are thrilled to report a year of growth with the incredible clients we had the privilege to partner with. Our focus has expanded, bringing fresh perspectives and diverse expertise to maintain our position as a natural leader recruiting industry. On average, our time to successfully fill a role was 45 days, and we’re thrilled to share that we presented the eventually-hired candidate after an average of just 17 days.

This year, we had the honor of creating new and lasting partnerships with some of the most innovative companies across various industries. From some of the largest global organizations in the manufacturing and retail industries to top growing companies in the renewable energy space, our commitment to understanding the unique needs of each client resulted in successful placements that have positively impacted each of their businesses. Even with our growth, our focus remains on delivering excellent service that brings clients back again and again. This year, we’re proud to share that over 60% of our engagements were conducted on behalf of repeat clients, and over half of our new clients in 2023 have already come back to fill additional roles. We are grateful that a key driver to our growth continues to be referrals from existing clients who believe in our mission and have seen the value of our process.

Through a variety of new engagements, our talent network has continued to grow and diversify, covering roles well beyond our specialties in HR and Marketing, covering highly specialized positions in the sciences, finance, and supply chain functions. Our commitment goes beyond conventional executive search, connecting individuals with opportunities that span a variety of professions. From Supply Chain executives leading global operations to electrochemists developing one-of-a–kind technologies, and from marketing professionals driving global brand narratives to HR leaders fostering inclusive workplaces, we understand that diversity is the backbone for innovation and success.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, we also look forward to the opportunities that 2024 will bring. Together, we will continue to redefine the future of recruitment.

Thank you to our amazing team and clients. We wish you all a joyful holiday season and a happy new year.




Kyle Samuels

Kyle Samuels

Kyle found his passion for improving organizations through talent after early career roles in tech, entertainment, and executive search. After earning his MBA, he joined GE’s legendary rotational HR Leadership Program before moving to Yum! Brands where he held several leadership roles. Kyle has a BA in Political Science from Ohio University and holds an MBA from Purdue University.