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Nov 16, 2023 Kyle Samuels

Forbes: The Missing Piece: Transparency in the Executive Search Process

"It's time to face a harsh fact about the executive search process: It's broken on both sides of the exchange. In many ways, this shouldn't be a surprise. In the recruitment industry, there's a high incentive to push more expensive candidates and collect a greater piece of the pie. So it’s only natural that recruitment agencies would charge clients a pretty penny. On the other end, hiring managers may be unaware of the specifics involved in a candidate search, such as the level of difficulty in filling an executive role, which can hinder their ability to make the most informed decision.

On the whole, this speaks to a lack of transparency in the executive search process that's dragging the industry down. We need an immediate shift to address it."


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Released 10/31/2023




Kyle Samuels

Kyle Samuels

Kyle found his passion for improving organizations through talent after early career roles in tech, entertainment, and executive search. After earning his MBA, he joined GE’s legendary rotational HR Leadership Program before moving to Yum! Brands where he held several leadership roles. Kyle has a BA in Political Science from Ohio University and holds an MBA from Purdue University.